studio policies

Each item you purchase from the studio is made by ME. I work with glass, sterling, copper and bronze...hand-crafted and torched at my workbench. Remember that I'm an artist, not a "one-size" charms are made using traditional stained glass methods (on a much smaller scale and using lead-free solder). For metal offerings, each letter is stamped individually by hand, letters will not be perfectly straight; you're getting the little variances that go along with artisan-made jewerly. Hooray!

I work very hard to make sure that everything I make is oh-so-special, and take whatever input (size, colors, cropping of photos) you've given me into consideration when I make your jewelry. Some of this process involves "artist interpretation," when I'm not sent a photo sized and cropped exactly as you want it. I hold my jewelry to very high standards and try to represent pieces very accurately.

refunds & exchanges

If there is a problem with your order please contact me within 3 days of receiving your order.

If I've made a mistake on the order such as misspelling Jayne's name, I will replace the item, unless YOU sent me the make sure that you don't have any typos in your instructions.

If you're just unhappy with your item...the size you chose, font choice, color, and it's a custom made piece, I cannot issue a refund, but you are welcome to order and pay for a new piece.

Shipping charges (and optional insurance) for ready-to-ship items are the responsibility of the customer.

Refunds will be in the form of studio credit, and will only be considered within one week of receipt of order. Item must be returned in sellable condition. No refunds on custom items or shipping.

Shipping insurance is optional but highly recommended. The post office DOES lose packages from time to time :) and the studio is not responsible for lost or damaged orders.

Caring for your jewelry

Glass charms are not water-tight. Please do not submerge in water or shower while wearing them. Also, remember that they are glass. If you ship them as a gift, it is recommended that you wrap carefully and ship in a box. Although many of my customers use the glass charms on keychains, purse clips (I do, myself), remember that these uses are more stressful on the pieces and breakage is possible. Enjoy your charms, but studio is not responsible for how you use them.

Silver, copper, bronze pieces, as well as the edging on the glass charms, all benefit from a little polishing. I use a special polishing pad, available through the studio. The amount of tarnishing you experience is unique to your skin, lotions, climate.

gift certificates and gift-is-on-the-way cards

Gift certificates are availble for purchase. They will arrive via e-mail for print-out and must be used within one year for one single transaction, not to be carried over. No cash will be given as change.

Gift-is-on-the-way cards are available in lieu of rush orders. I will e-mail you a note that can be printed out when you've missed the 2-week window for me to finish an order in time for intended date.