The quality of the lenses is even more important than frame selection.  All lenses are not the same.  You want quality lenses for crisp, clear optics, and a great finishing lab for lenses that stay in the frame!  You also want someone who knows the right type of lens to recommend for for your child's prescription to get the thinnest, lightest, safest lenses.  For some prescriptions, picking the right size frame helps with the thickness of the lenses.  Especially for those young children who can not tell you whether they see correctly through the glasses, you need to trust that the place that makes your lenses is making them correctly. We double check each pair of glasses before we dispense them to make sure the prescription is exactly what the doctor ordered. We take verticle and horizontal measurements and roll sharp edges on the lenses for safety. Quality lenses also need a quality scratch coat.  All our lenses come with a tough scratch-resistant coating, and a one year warranty that isn't only a one time replacement.

Eyes For Kids specializes in processing strong prescriptions. No prescription is too difficult for us.

Lens Options

*Polycarbonate - shatter-resistant lenses, 100% uv filter, scratch-resistant coating, much thinner and lighter than plastic lenses

*Aspheric - in addition to the above qualities, makes lenses even thinner and lighter, has superb optics with minimal peripheral distortion, and reduces magnification, minification of eyes

*Trivex -  shatter-resistant lenses with superior optics and scratch-resistance over polycarbonate with 100% uv filter...also available in aspheric design

*Transitions 7 - newest transitions that are virtually clear indoors and sunglasses outdoors

*Bifocals, Short-corridor progressives, tinted and polarized sunglasses, and other lens styles are also available.

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