Choosing a frame for your child is important.  What else does your child wear every day?  You want to purchase a durable, safe frame that fits properly.  Eyes For Kids has 25 years experience purchasing and fitting frames, which means that we know which frames fit certain faces, and which frames last. We make sure the bridge fits comfortably, and the skull temples wrap around the ears, so that the frame stays in place during activities.  Adjusting kids glasses well takes experience.  A great adjustment makes all the difference in comfort and wearability. 

It is VERY important that you let your child pick the frame, so he/she will like and wear their glasses.  We are happy to help you choose from the hundreds of frames we carry. 

We warranty our frames unconditionally for 1 year. Our super durable and flexible Aspex frames have a 2 year warranty.  Converse and Lucky even warranty against lost frames!

Decorate your glasses with Ficklets.  These eyewear charms go great with any pair of glasses, and are sold at Eyes For Kids.  Great for girls and boys.  Click on Ficklets image for more info.

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