Q:  Which insurances do you take?

A:  We take MES Vision/Medical Eye Services, Eye Care Network, and can submit a form on your behalf for OUT OF NETWORK benefits for VSP/Vision Service Plan. They will send you a check. For other insurances, we can give you an itemized receipt to submit for reimbursement.

Q:  How long does it take to make a pair of glasses?

A:  It depends on the prescription, but usually 7-14 working days.

Q:  Why not buy glasses online or at a cheap optical chain to save money?

A:  You may save money at first, but in the long run, it will cost you more in replacements, time, and frustration. Eyes For Kids could carry "cheap" frames and process "cheap" lenses, but we are here to provide quality products for our customers because we care about your child's eyes. When you buy glasses, you aren't just buying a frame and lenses, but you are paying for our expertise in frame fitting and lens options, the ability to try on multiple frames on site, and unlimited adjustments and minor repairs. If you buy glasses online, how do you know that the prescription is correct and that the optical centers are correct vertically and horizontally? At Eyes For Kids, we double checks all prescription glasses purchased at our store. Who will adjust the glasses if you buy them online or if you get a poor adjustment? Eyes For Kids offers free adjustments and minor repairs on glasses purchased at our store. Adjusting kids glasses well requires years of experience. If the glasses bought elsewhere break, is there a warranty, and does your child go without glasses while they are being ordered? We warranty all our frames for 1-2 years. Eyes For Kids lets parents borrow frames if we do not have a replacement in stock. The bottom line is that buying glasses online or at a cheap retail store is not worth it...you get subpar frames and lenses that do not fit well. In other words....you get what you pay for.

Q:  How do I get my child to wear glasses?

A:  Usually your child will realize after a few hours or days that they see better, and they will want to wear their new glasses.  The first hours/days can be difficult.  You have to be very adamant about putting the glasses back on your child when he/she takes them off.  Read a book with your child, and if the glasses come off, say "glasses on" so we can read the book.  Do the same thing when playing and watching t.v.  Keep the child's hands busy, or go to the park to keep their mind off of their glasses.

Q:  How often does my child need to get new glasses?

A:  Most frames fit 1-2 years.  If a prescription change is needed and the frame still fits and is in good conditon, you can use the same frame.  How long the frame holds up depends on the quality of the frame, and the wear and tear it gets.